With the right inspiration we can all set our eyes on a health and fitness goal. Its a continuous journey for everyone...so just believe in yourself!


• NABBA Miss Toned Figure 2016


• NABBA Miss Toned Figure 2014


• 3RD Miss Toned Britain 2014




Suitable for all


Male and Female


Introducing the new at home, no gym, no hassle program to shift those extra pounds in time for that special event.Are you short of time, need to drop body fat, tone up, and have a clear plan on how to do it? Receive an 8 week exercise program that will have you sweat dripping, improve your fitness levels, without the need to leave your own house.


Expect to see great results after the first 2 weeks and continue to see even more by the time you reach week 8. Follow the short exercises alongside the low calorie, nutritious meal recipes that won't have you standing in the kitchen for hours on end.


*Please note this is a low calorie diet for those with limited time, therefore not advisable for long term use.



   8 Week Printable Calendar

   Daily Exercise Plan

   Satisfying Meal Recipes

✔    Progression Assessment Form

✔    Reusable - Your Plan for Life

(USUALLY £69.99)


T:  07540140055   

E: zaradawsonpt@hotmail.com

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