With the right inspiration we can all set our eyes on a health and fitness goal. Its a continuous journey for everyone...so just believe in yourself!


• NABBA Miss Toned Figure 2016


• NABBA Miss Toned Figure 2014


• 3RD Miss Toned Britain 2014



I love working with clients online but my passion started out on the gym floor.
Need that extra push to lose weight, gain muscle or to generally feel confident, then come join me for a one-to-one session.  I’ll teach you the basics of weight training, ways to incorporate high intensity type training for fat burning, alongside other training styles.

Let me monitor your weight, measure your bodyfat and ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch now.

Prices Start at £20 Per Hour

Posing Sessions from £25

Body fat ( skinfold calipers) From £15

Enquire now for bookings



T:  07540140055   

E: zaradawsonpt@hotmail.com

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