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With the right inspiration we can all set our eyes on a health and fitness goal. Its a continuous journey for just believe in yourself!



Kathryn McCready   

Nutrition Kickstart


I've been training with Zara now for around 5 months. Before starting with her, I had been doing metabolic training and had made good progress initially with that. However, my weight and inch loss had plateaued for 6 months. I felt like I was stuck in a rut.  I had heard of Zara via her Facebook page, Miss Protein and thought that her own results were amazing. I was ready to make a change to weight training and, on first meeting Zara, felt at ease and had confidence in her knowledge and attention to detail. I have made great progress with inch loss and feel more comfortable in my clothes. I also asked Zara for a nutrition plan to follow and I feel more empowered now to make healthy choices. Also, I am much more confident in the gym and am now able to train on my own. I always look forward to PT sessions, though, as Zara encourages me to go out of my comfort zone and it works! She also corrects my technique when needed. I would highly recommend Zara to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness levels. With so many people claiming to be Personal Trainers these days, my advice is to access one who practices what they preach and instills confidence in their clients. That is definitely Zara!!

Courtenay Farrell 

Nutrition Kickstart and One-to-one


I don't even know were to begin to thank Zara for helping me in my prep for my wedding, before I started PT'ing with Zara I was training approx 5 times a week doing every class I could and doing what I thought was a diet/clean eating, and seeing no results which I couldn't understand as I was training so much. Then I decided to try PT which I had never done before after my first meeting with Zara I came away feeling excited to try something new and started to understand why I had not seen any changes to my body before in Zara's words 'I was doing too much of everything' and my diet all I can remember is saying to Zara "I have to have a cheat meal at least once a week I can't go without" haha over the next few weeks I began to start noticing changes..I was developing a bum which I never had I started to see definition in my arms back etc this made my confidence, excitement and determination to keep it up, sore. I started to understand food better and what was good for my body and what wasn't with Zara's amazing tips! And to my amazement I started to cut down my cheat meals 'take aways' to one every 2 weeks to 1 every 3-4 weeks closer to my hen do and wedding as I found new ways to eat healthy and enjoy it as well. I personal trained with Zara right up to 2 weeks before my wedding and I was so so happy with results I can't thank her enough I can honestly say I was in the best shape

Gary Foster  

Contest Prep


I have been going to Miss Protein for contest prep for the last 6 weeks for the Nabba 2017 show. I never had anyone be strict and show me the right diet to use nor did I have anyone pushing me the right way. My diet before which I thought myself was good, well it wasn't! My diet included frys, snacks, Chinese, bags of chocolate, pizzas, mainly junk food! Since starting with her I've had a proper diet and have lost my excess fat! Truly I can say I feel much healthier and stronger! Without her help and constant support I would never have achieved this alone; I have upmost respect for her! Anyone that wants to make themselves healthier and fitter I would definitely recommend Zara Dawson (Miss Protein).

Julie Ann Magee  

Bespoke Carb Cycling


Before I met Zara I had tried quite a few diets resulting in short term weight loss but always regaining the pounds soon after, I would most definitely describe myself as a " yo yo dieter " I did very little exercise except for the occasional walk & would always find an excuse not to go to the gym!! But With Zara's specialised meal plans & 3 mornings a week training sessions for the 1st time ever I'm actually sticking at it (1 year) on!!! My attitude to the gym now is great, I want to go!! ( & get grumpy if I miss ) Zara has educated me on how to mix up my sessions with cardio & weights to get the best results & stop the boredom of always doing the same!! I have loads more energy & I enjoy cooking again, but most of all I love seeing the changes in my body im getting leaner, seeing definition & gaining muscle I never knew I had!! Thank u Zara you have been an inspiration!!


Bespoke Wedding Weightloss


My sister in law got me in contact with Zara Dawson PT as she was attending her bootcamp sessions. With working as a care assistant in the community the classes weren't on at the right times for me, and With being overweight I knew I had to do something as it was starting to have effect on my health. I also was due to get married and knew that this was an opportunity to change my lifestyle. I contacted Zara and straight away she was able to fit me in and meet for one to one personal training sessions. The first class was really tough but Zara was there every step of the way. Zara has helped clean up diet with meal plans with a variety of different foods and has taught me to cook and try new things. I still haven't reached my goal but I have come a long long way and without Zara I don't think this could have been possible.

Claire Kennedy 

One-to-One Personal Training


I started training with Zara this time last year.  My main aim was to lose weight as I was extremely obese.  I have always been sporty and due to some medical issues I gained a lot of weight.  My friend started training with Zara and tried to encourage me to go to her.  At the start I was like no, no-one can help me, that I was too overweight.  I bit the bullet and started seeing Zara and from the get go she has been truly amazing.  At the start we did a mixture of cardio and weights but it’s from Zara’s experience and enthusiasm that I really got addicted to doing weights.  I never thought it would be so much fun!  I achieved all this with Zara’s encouragement, her determination to make me feel the best I could.  Zara works well with people and pushes them towards their goals.  I lost a whopping five stone in the space of 7 months.  Zara also guided me with her diet plans which I can say is definitely worth getting to help you on the right track.  Zara is so committed to her job and will do her best to accommodate you.   Our sessions are always hard work but always with an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep me motivated.  


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